About Us

Established in 2008 by Nathaniel Haselton, Haselton Media Group has emerged as a prominent private multimedia publishing house dedicated to serving serious artists and companies with innovative music and comprehensive services. With a diverse array of offerings, including music production and publishing, book publishing, and website management for niche media content curation, Haselton Media Group covers a wide spectrum of media needs.

Notably, Haselton Media Group specializes in Digital billboard design and strategic placement, ensuring that clients can effectively reach their target audiences with captivating visuals. Additionally, the company excels in crafting compelling Press Releases that drive attention and engagement for its clients.

With a strong focus on originality and quality, Haselton Media Group has earned a stellar reputation for delivering outstanding services in the media industry. Whether it’s helping artists make their mark in the digital world, supporting companies in achieving their marketing goals, or managing websites dedicated to curated media content, Haselton Media Group continues to be a trusted partner for those seeking excellence in the multimedia landscape. Address: 4760 S. Pecos Rd Suite 204-5 Las Vegas, NV 89121 Ph: 725.999.8380

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