Meet The Bosses: Vol.1 From Capos to Godfathers

    Meet The Bosses: Vol.1 From Capos to Godfathers

    From capos to godfathers, the stories of the world’s most infamous and notorious gangsters in history are captured in this fully enthralling book by true crime writer, Nataniele Rossi.

    They washed ashore from the villages of Italy and made their destinies unfold in the city streets of 20th century America. Murder, prostitution, gambling, racketeering, bootlegging, and many other acts of organized crime catapulted relative nobodies from humble stations in life to the pinnacle of the mafia underworld. These are the mob bosses that started life working as shopkeepers, bartenders, butchers and other menial professions and went on to cement their spots in mafia history. No one can deny the impact of their actions and the complexity of their characters.

    These are their stories. Come on in…Meet The Bosses.

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